Our Expertise
“All Turn Key Projects from Design Stage to O & M Stage”


Water Treatment Plants

Gondwana Engineers have constructed more than 100 Water Treatment Plants of capacities ranging from 1 MLD to 132 MLD to various Govt. bodies, Corporations and Councils.
The Plants constructed are based upon innovative designs and are economical. The various treatment methodologies used in WTPs are Conventional Treatment Process, Unconventional Treatment process, Packaged Treatment Plants etc.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Smaller or Larger, Capacity was never a constrain for Gondwana Engineers to apply its proven design of Compact Sewage Treatment Plant. The Tank – In – Tank design of Clarifier and Aeration Tank for STP offered smaller space requirements and economical civil structures by using circular tanks for aeration and clarifier.
Gondwana Engineers are capable of offering STP based on various treatment methodologies like ASP, extended aeration , UASB and SBR technology for low power requirements and fixed or moving attached growth systems.

Pumping Stations

Gondwana Engineers are capable of offering Sewage Pumping Stations and Clear Water Pumping Stations as per requirement with submersible, vertical turbine and positive suction pumps of reputed makes with all accessories and automation.

Water Supply Schemes

A water Supply scheme is not complete without the downstream and upstream works of water treatment plants like Jack wells, Head Works, Rising Mains, ESR / GSR and distribution pipelines etc. Gondwana Engineers in order to have a complete range of Water Supply Schemes has completed many such works.
With this Gondwana has become one of the few companies in Central India providing services in complete range of Water Supply Schemes including providing and installing pumping machineries.

Grounded / Elevated Service Reservoirs

Gondwana Engineers have constructed many reservoirs and are the best favoured agency to get prequalified for their works on the basis of number of reservoirs already constructed. The largest capacity for GSR is 30 ML and for ESR is 5 ML.

Equipment Fabrication

Gondwana Engineers has fabricated and supplied equipments required for water and waste water treatment plants. The equipments are performing to their rated capacities and are proven to be trouble free.
The equipments manufactured at Gondwana are:-
  • Aerators
  • Clarifiers
  • Pressure Filters
  • Agitators
  • Mixers
  • Sluice Gates
  • Manual / Mechanical Screens
  • Digritting Equipment (Detrius)


Gondwana has utilized its expertise and infrastructure available to take up other construction jobs like bridges, buildings, Ware houses etc. though the leaning of the team was towards turn key jobs. The projects completed include construction of Industrial sheds, warehouses, aquaducts and bridges etc.
The organization accepted every challenge for disciplining the team.

Operation and Maintenance

Whatever modern plant it would be, unless it is operated and maintained properly, the large investments made in building such plants will be seen as gone to drain.
Gondwana has recognized the importance of plant operations and have developed Operation and Maintenance capabilities for water and waste water.
As a part of Contract, Gondwana has operated and maintained most of the water and waste water plants supplied by it.
As a part of After Sales Services, Gondwana can take up Operation and Maintenance jobs for water and waste water treatment plants beyond contract period.
Gondwana is now moving towards taking up the jobs of Operation and Maintenance of plants other than supplied by it after a primary evaluation of the plant.
Gondwana can offer Operation and Maintenance services in the following areas:-
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Sewage Treatment Plants / Recycle Plants
  • Effluent Treatment Plants