From GEL's Desk
Today Water Management Business is on priority nationwide but at GEL we believed this three decades back and offered our services to contribute in the development of Tomorrow's India.

The importance of Water Management for sustained economic development is well recognized. Country embraced concept of market economy way back in 1991. It admittedly pushed economic growth higher.

Physical infrastructure covering transportation, power and communication through its backward and forward linkages facilitates growth; social infrastructure including water supply, sanitation, sewage disposal, education and health, which are in the nature of primary services, has a direct impact on the quality of life.

From GEL's Desk
Mr. Rajiv Patrikar,
Vice President – Operations
At GEL, we are focusing on the development of both the Physical and Social Infrastructures through our innovative designs and introduction of modern technologies.

We are thankful of Govt. bodies, councils and Corporations of Central India for giving us opportunity to play a significant role in its developmental projects of water and sewage and we assure to continue the same passion from our side to make it more successful venture.